Start up your new
Business and grow stronger

The past couple of years have been difficult for most of us, with various crises striking all over the world. Considering this, more and more people are willing to pursue their dreams and start their own professional projects. There’s no time to waste! This is the reason why Maccasy Agency set itself the goal of helping entrepreneurs who want to launch their projects and grow successful businesses.

In today’s world of entrepreneurship, it became truly impossible to ensure maximum professional visibility and reach the desired target audience without having a presence on the web and using the various platforms of social media. Take a few seconds to picture your life with your startup company in a place you can reach 9million potential clients.
You wouldn’t argue over launching your business, would you? What are you waiting for, then? Contact Maccasy Agency!


Contact page
Team page
SEO Optimization


Photoshoot with Maccasy’s team of photographers
Content for website
Content for social media


Google Business Post
Claim Search

Workshop on Social Media

Digital Marketing
Social Media

Responsive Website Development.
Perfect Coding. Perfect Design.

Having a presence on the web is crucial

Presenting, and boosting, your business with A to Z website custom by our team, including homepage, contact form, team page, and all information about your project, is like having the most beautiful office you will love for years!


A website including a landing page, a contact form and a team
part for presenting your start-up. It is like having an office that lasts for
centuries !


Maccasy’s team of photographers organize photo shoots to provide unique pictures for your website and social media, making your content more like you without forgetting all professional aspects of your project.


Our offer will boost your take-off

Trust Maccasy Agency to help you give your business the boost it needs! We supportentrepreneurs’ projects by providing all the digital marketing tools to grow successfulbusinesses.

What we offer


Web presence optimized by Google


Professional photography content


Social media platforms mastered thanks to Maccasy workshop

Clients redirected to your responsive custom website, generating traffic, via your social networks too


Increased impact and visibility on Google


From there on, you will be able to:
+ have a web presence optimized with Google
+ redirect your clients to your super responsive website
+ which include professional pictures
+ that you can reuse for your social media platforms
+ social media platforms that you have mastered after our workshop
+ as well as your impact on Google