Social Media Marketing

We assist you in connecting with your target audience, building your brand, increasing your sales, and generating traffic on your social media.

What we offer

The Maccasy’s social media team works on developing your project and promoting it on different social media platforms through a solid communication strategy.

Communication strategy audits

Measuring how communication strategies in place will effectively contribute to promoting your project.

Research, communication strategies

Defining and setting a strong communication plan that is consistent with the image of the brand.

Creative content

Providing creative guidelines for any type of social media platforms and assigning each element to pre-defined marketing targets.

Efficient media management

Setting a social media management strategy to meet marketing needs and ensuring improved visibility on social media.

Your time to grow through digital marketing

As an emerging social media services provider we endeavor to generate more traffics to the company’s advertisements, content marketing, among others.


An outstanding Marketing Agency

Understanding the importance of close collaboration with our partners and guiding them through the maze of different digital marketing strategies and social media management ensure the best results.

Communication strategy audits

Evaluate investments on social media strategies and KPI's

Implement promotion techniques on social networks

Survey to measure the SEO of your brand on social media

Effectively promoting your project

Research Communication Strategies

Development of the best communication plan for your project

Targeting the right public on social media platforms

Defining strategic objectives on social media in marketing

Finding the message you want to send with your project

Creative Content

Creative guidelines and content for all your social

Content established according to your objectives and your target public

Original content strategy with copywriting, graphic design, photography, and videography services

Social media management and evaluation report


Pay-per-click is a type of internet marketing which involves advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.


Pay Per Impression is a paid marketing model where the advertiser pays each time an ad is shown to a potential buyer online.